Business Strategy, Planning and Modeling

Design a business strategy and plan that aligns your business goals to your personal and family goals.

Understand where your business is at, where you want it to go, and how to get there. Revenue and expenses are only part of the equation if your goal is to grow, change, or even survive in uncertain times. You will need a plan! Ideas and scenarios built around sales, operations and financial models are valuable tools used to indicate the best course of action. These models can be used to test your existing strategy, or to help in creating a new plan of action for your business.

Leadership, Direction, and Management

Benefit from the business acumen that comes with having a qualified CFO on your team to make and execute decisions.

Making the best decision for your business is not always easy and requires inputs from all sides. Executing on those decisions can be complex and stressful. Your business may require insights from a financial and management perspective, as well as the leadership and direction skills to see full execution of those decisions. A qualifed CFO brings those skills to you and your business, and ensuring your business has the greatest chance for long term success.

Budgets, Controls, and Processes

Build practical budgets, controls, and processes to help your business get where it needs to go.

Budgeting is about creating and managing expectations for your business and evaluating against those expectations. Budgets can take many forms - static, dynamic, or hybrid - and should match the needs of your business. Controls are the checkpoints you implement to ensure that you maximize results and minimize losses in a transparent environment. Processes are the steps along the way to achieve your goals and make it easy for the business to function efficiently.

Administration of Accounting, Finance, HR, and IT

Delegate administration of Accounting, Finance, HR, and IT to create value in these functions and free up time for greater focus on operations and sales.

Accounting, Finance, Human Resources and Information Technology functions and teams are vital to the backbone of a successful business, yet often get neglected or overlooked. If properly aligned to the needs and goals of the business, these functions should provide support and add value to operations and sales. 

Canada, USA, and International

Develop a strategy and a plan to effectively manage the needs of your business when dealing with international business operations.

Your business may operate in jurisdictions outside Canada or be a foreign company with operations in Canada. Or perhaps this is an upcoming goal. This will likely have implications on cross-border administration of transactions and personnel, as well as language and culture considerations. Effective management in this environment can be hugely beneficial to your business and your life outside of your business.

Other Services

Not all businesses are the same and perhaps you need help with something else. Let's discuss what your needs are.

Acquisition Due Diligence, General Bookkeeping, Website Design and Development, Accounting System or ERP Implementation, Downsizing, and Change Management are some of the other areas where I may be able to help.

I do not provide Audit and Assurance or Tax Advisory services.

For these services, I have a team of professionals who I can recommend to assist you.